Our Passion is You Reaching Your Potential

We have studied and mastered the art of exercising, both aerobic and anaerobic, which is our passion that we call phase 5. The science behind phase 5 is based on a progression scale designed for every individual, that leads to a constant pattern of success. We help you reach your initial goal and are there for you creating new ones.


The 5 Phases

Phase 1 – Mobility & Flexibility
Training our bodies the way they were meant to move. Proper joint mobility allows us to work through a full range of motion.

Phase 2 – Stability Endurance
Joint stability and core stability allow you to train with proper form and technique.

Phase 3 – Muscle Growth
Building muscle is the key to increasing your metabolism, losing weight, and keeping the weight off.

Phase 4 – Strength
“Strength training burns more calories and increases muscle growth while effectively reducing body fat”

Phase 5 – Reach & Reset
Once you reach your goal, we will keep you motivated by setting new goals.